Brooklyn Sour Beer Fest (BSBF) is a fun, educational experience that allows drinkers to explore the wide world of sour beers. Participating bars will pour a range of beers throughout the the two weeks, and will hold an event showcasing a region, style, or the diversity of sours beers.

During the two week festival the following styles will be represented:
Spontaneously Fermented (gueuze, lambics)
Lactobacillus Soured (berlinerweiss, gose)
Barrel Soured (flemish reds and the like)
Mixed Fermentation (most american wild ales)
100% Brettanomyces Fermented
Oddities (sour beers that fit no category at all)

Check the schedule for venues, and watch social media (and follow along with #BSBF) for last minute additions, fun guests and more!